Just Friends

This one is for those of you who mock your Ryan Reynolds-loving friends by saying cruel, hurtful things like "Dude, I would NEVER pay money to see a movie with that guy in it." (Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything - I've just heard that this happens.) But now, you're in trouble. Whether it's because you're a freak who thinks Chris Klein is "talented" and "funny," or because you love cute Amy Smart, or because you actually think the movie might be good, you find yourself wanting to see Just Friends - but Ryan Reynolds is in it, so unless you break into a theater, you can't go and maintain your dignity. But now, problem solved! Click on your city below and go for free. (And slowly, Ryan will begin to work his magic on you. Just wait. He can't be stopped.)

Links take you directly to the PDF file of the pass; all screenings are tomorrow (11/17).

[Via FMS]
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