timburton.jpgWhy on earth is Helena Bonham Carter goin' around telling people that her boyfriend, filmmaker Tim Burton, is autistic? Even if it's true – and her supporting evidence is by no means scientifically irrefutable – it's just not a very classy thing to do, don't you think? To back up a bit: HBC just finished shooting a movie in which she plays the mother to four autistic kids. In preparing for the role, she and Burton watched a documentary on Asperger's Syndrome, a lesser form of autism in which the sufferer is actually super-intelligent, but burdened with under developed social skills. Burton made a comment to his girlfriend – a comment that undoubtedly was meant as part of a private conversation between lovers – indicating that he could relate to the struggles of the children in the film. Bonham Carter has now taken that aside and run with it: "They [autistic people] have application and dedication. You can say something to Tim when he's working and he doesn't hear you," she says. "But that quality also makes him a fantastic father." So, to sum up: Tim Burton ignores his kids and that makes him a good dad; Helena Bonham Carter is a gossip, and, in my book, at least, that makes her a terrible girlfriend.
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