BuckbeakEven our sister site, thedesignweblog, is getting in on the Harry Potter action, posting today about this nifty paper craft model of Buckbeak, available only in Japan. It's made totally of paper, which is very cool when you consider the wings move when you turn the paper gear.

knight busIn addition to the Buckbeak model, Don-Guri.com sells models of the Knight Bus, which opens up to reveal tiny seats, and has a miniature Harry waiting by the lightpost. My fave, though, is this paper model Quidditch Game -- my kids would be totally drooling over if I showed it to them.


The catch is that you have to be able to read Japanese to place the order, because I can't find an English option on their site. But if I can find someone to help me order this stuff? My eight-year-old will be the envy of all her Harry Potter-adoring friends.

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