Remember when Jet Li started being forceful about his desire to not do more poorly written action films anymore? Well, he’s getting over that hump by taking a lead role in the upcoming videogame adaptation Tekken, to be directed by Charles Stone III- whose biggest claim to fame is probably Drumline or Mr. 3000.  Jet is going to play a character called “The Boxer.” For those of you out there who don’t know, Tekken (the movie) is the story of this dude who discovers he holds a great power and must battle a sequence of crazy powerful fighters who will stop at nothing in order to get it from him. A reasonably standard story for a PVP fighter.

You all know my opinion on videogame films. Tekken, in many ways, was a very fun video game series- do we really need to mar its name with a crappy action film? Of course, maybe this one will defy history and set box office records or something. Is there anyone out there in reader land who expects this to be good?


[via Movie Hole]

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