Feisty Lost actress Michelle Rodriguez is apparently set to headline another movie, despite her complaints about the roles she’s offered. After finishing up the dubious upcoming movies BloodRayne and The Breed, USA Today reports that Rodriguez has “signed a deal with Marvel Comics' Stan Lee to develop a film version of Conan the Barbarian comic book villainess Tigress.” There is some confusion in fandom over exactly what this means; Superhero Hype notes that the character of Tigress belongs to DC, but Comic Book Movie challenges that it may mean Marvel’s character ‘Tigra.’

 I’m not particularly clear on the current state of Tigra – as far as I know she is still kicking around out there in relatively obscure occasional-guest-spot Marvel land since the collapse of the Avengers West. DC’s Tigress had nothing to do with Conan, either, that I’m aware; she was just a man hunter who eventually renamed herself The Huntress.


I think CBM and SH are both missing the boat. My money is on the character of Zephra, sometimes known as The Tigress, a villain of the Conan series from its days with Marvel. I have no idea if the character currently exists, as I don’t really know what happened with the title after it left Marvel a few years back.  I know Dark Horsepicked up Conan in some way, but I don’t believe it to be related to the old Marvel stories. Any Conan aficionados out there to set the record straight?

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