March of the Penguins

The short list of 15 contenders (out of 82 submissions) for the five coveted Oscar nom slots in the documentary category has been released. Most notably absent from the list are Grizzly Man and TheAristocrats (maybe that one had too much profanity for Oscar's tender ears).

The full short list includes: After Innocence; The Boys of Baraka (which our own Chris Campbell will be reviewing soon); Darwin's Nightmare; The Devil and Daniel Johnston; Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room; Favela Rising; Mad Hot Ballroom; March of the Penguins; Murderball; Occupation: Dreamland; On Native Soil: The Documentary of the 9/11 Commision Report; Rize; Street Fight; 39 Pounds of Love; and Unknown White Male.

Only five of these 15 worthy films can make it to the final cut and get an Oscar nod. Our predictions are below the fold:

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