DVDsAre pirated movies the new crack? Dennis Supik of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) seems to think so. In a recent press release, Supik says people being arrested with pirated CDs and DVDs, who often have criminal drug records, have been telling authorities "this is the new drug on the street". Could this be the first sign of a new era in Prohibition? Maybe President Bush needs to declare a War on Movie Piracy. He could create an Office of DVD Security, and First Lady Laura Bush could go around telling innocent schoolchildren to "just say no to pirated DVDs".

The bigger question is: what kind of illegal movies are most in demand? Are the kids on the street into classic films like Dr. Strangelove, Citizen Kane and Easy RiderHarry PotterStar Wars? Indie flicks? Or are authorities seizing trunkloads of Britney Spears Crossroads and Ashlee Simpson's Undiscovered? Because, seriously, if the kids are getting hooked on illegal copies of Britney and Ashlee movies, then call out the National Guard -- something must be done to stop the flood of crappy pirated films into our children's hands.

[via Boing Boing ]

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