rayliotta.jpgHave you heard of this site called TMZ.com? They're your typical tabloid, except almost all of their content is video. So instead of posting a candid shot of Tara Reid getting out of her car to go to a party, they actually have unedited, paparrazi-style video of Tara Reid, walking into a party. So recently, they sent a "reporter" to the Vancouver set of In the Name of the King, an adaptation of the video game Dungeon Siege, starring Ray Liotta and Claire Forlani. Larry Stern spent a couple of days on the set, strung along by promises from Liotta's "people" that the star would at some point submit to an interview. After a lot of waiting around, Stern was eventually asked to leave the set before he could produce any content. "Ray was brutal and I thought he was gonna go all Goodfellas on me," Stern writes. They're pitching this video as a document of that "brutality", but there's not much to see; he's there, he's not doing anything, then a handler is apologizing and he's walking away. The best part is the handler's apology – apparently, Stern's very presence is making it impossible for Liotta to focus. So we're all about giving a shout-out to our brothers in celebrity fumbling, but still – I wish that Stern had caught something – anything – approaching conflict on tape.
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