Remember Stealth? Yeah, I know, it hurts to remember. Well, the guy who directed it, Rob Cohen, was also slated to direct Sinbad for Sony Pictures, but the project is apparently now in Davy Jones’ locker. According to reports, Sony Pictures has not done particularly well lately, and a high cost film with a director who tanked his last project was apparently too high of a risk for Sony, who took a 50 million dollar hit on Stealth. A Sinbad film would have featured Keanu Reeves leading a pirate crew on a quest for Aladdin’s Lamp with the assistance of a Chinese empress.

I just can’t understand why Sony would pass up on such a solid gold plot as the one described above. I mean, wouldn’t you want to gamble tens of millions of dollars on the moneymaking value of Keanu Reeves as a pirate?

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