For avowed Stan Lee fans, this Marvel movie marathon of recent years has been a treat. Not only do we get to see some of his creations come to life on the silver screen, we often get to see bit parts played by Stan himself in these movies. Stan recently told Sci-Fi Wire that the upcoming DVD of Fantastic Four will contain a longer version of his cameo scene as Willie the mailman, a character who was drawn to resemble Lee in the comics. Stan’s line in the movie started out as “welcome back to the Baxter, Dr. Richards,” but a string of increasing improvisation apparently resulted in a full fledged dialogue between Willie and Reed which will be available on the DVD version of the film. Apparently, Lee will also appear in several featurettes; and according to Sci-Fi Log, one of these featurettes will include Lee assessing the actors who played the Fantastic Four “along with artist Jack Kirby.” If that is true, Stan Lee is even more amazing than any of us ever realized, as I’m reasonably certain that Jack Kirby has been dead this past decade.

Stan Lee talking about the Fantastic Four makes me very happy. I only hope that somewhere, on one of the featurettes, he opens with the line “greetings, true believers.”
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