Christian BaleYou know how (at least according to the movies) LA is blanketed with people selling Star Maps for a small fee, so that the stalkers among us can go camp out on our idols' doorsteps? Well, add those folks to the masses that technology has put out of a job, and meet the Celebrity Maps Google mash-up. Want to pay Christian Bale a visit? Just click his name, and you get not only an address but a lovely, satellite view of his very home. I could be wrong, but I think that if you look really closely, you can even see his dog.

Some of the addresses, however, are a bit suspect - including the two for Bob Hope (neither of which points at a cemetery) and the one for Boyz II Men. Unless they share a home, I'm assuming that one directs you to their management, who probably wouldn't be much fun to visit. While lots of them actually point to management  – "send autograph requests here"-type addresses – others really seem real. William Shatner, for example, has a kickass house up in the hills. Denny Crane.

[via Guardian Unlimited Tech]
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