elizabeth.jpgAtlanta high school teacher Ed Youngblood was forced to resign from his job last week after showing Elizabeth, the 1998 telling of the Queen Elizabeth saga staring Cate Blanchett, to an advanced British Literature class. The film is rated R; according to a spokeswoman for the Gwinnett County Public Schools, Youngblood got sacked because he failed to "ask for a local review of the film prior to showing it, nor did he allow parents the option of opting their students out of the viewing." Youngblood's response? "I didn't think about it being R-rated [because] it's such a good movie." Most reasonable people would agree with  him on that one – Elizabeth, after all, earned seven Oscar nominations and won several BAFTA awards. After having taught at the school for 37 years, Youngblood said he was given five minutes to decide if he wanted to "resign" or get fired; he chose the marginally less damaging former option. His former students are up in arms – they mounted a protest yesterday with the hopes of getting their beloved teacher reinstated – but the school board, as of yet, has remained firm.
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