For the Harry Potter fan that just can’t get enough of the movie’s young stars, you can now find their iTunes favorites in Apple’s celebrity playlists. Some of Dan's favorite groups include The Libertines, Weezer, The Futureheads and Arcade Fire. Rupert's picks include They Might Be Giants, Franz Ferdinand, Green Day and Velvet Revolver. Starting today, you can purchase these lists from iTunes- $11.88 for Dan’s twelve songs, and $10.89 for Rupert’s eleven.

Is this news exciting, or what? The scary part is, thousands of crazy fans are going to shell out money to listen to the same music that the stars of Potter enjoy, as if this will some how bring them closer to their movie crushes. I’m a professed Potter fan myself, but isn’t this just a little ridiculous?

[via HPANA]

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