penguinsBack in October, we reported that Warner Brothers appeared to be jumping on the penguin bandwagon with Happy Feet, an animated (well, one would hope so) musical about the little creatures. (Disappointingly, the movie turned out to have been in the works before The March of the Penguins ever appeared.) Lending their voices to the project were big names like Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Elijah Wood. Sounds, well, maybe not that horrible, right?

WRONG. The teaser just went up, and it's among the most awful things I've ever had the misfortune of sitting through. First of all, the penguins seem to be stepping. Second, all of them have accents that make them into vague ethnic minorities, which feels uncomfortably like stereotyping for the sake of cheap laughs. I freely admit that my reaction might not be shared by everyone, and that I also might be crazy - but the fact is that I immediately thought of Jar-Jar. Yeah, it was that bad.

[via JoBlo]
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