moviefonebot.jpgIf you use AOL Instant Messenger, yesterday you might have noticed a couple of uninvited additions to your Buddy List. I quickly deleted that shopping thing from my Adium contacts list, but I wanted to give the Moviefone Bot a chance. In fact, all day yesterday, friends were telling me that they actually found it useful. But I ... I had some problems. It started like this:

Karina: How does this work?
MOVIEFONE: K, I found a match. What's your zipcode?
Karina: 11222
MOVIEFONE: I found How I Won the War (1967) playing on 11/17/2005 but not anywhere near 11222. Try for another film, director or actor.
Despite the fact that the Bot totally misunderstood what I was saying, the fact that it produced the name of one of my favorite films had me intrigued. I'll talk to any robot about a Richard Lester film any day, so I decided to continue – I figured that if I could find out where How I Won the War *was* playing, it would be nice to write a post about it.

Karina: hi there
MOVIEFONE: Hi. What film are you looking for right now?
Karina: How I Won The War
MOVIEFONE: Mm hm. Such negativity. You are in need of some Tyson protien! Type, help and I will expain how I work.

I don't know what that means, but it seems pretty clear that the kinks haven't exactly all been ironed out yet. Have you tried the Bot? What was your experience? And how do you feel about IM bots in general? I have no problem with them in principle, but some people I talked to yesterday seem to feel like they represented some kind of infringement of our God-given Buddy List managing rights. What's your take?

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