Thomas JaneApparently there's a role-playing board game called Mutant Chronicles. So that the current flood of video game-based movies doesn't leave the board gaming world feeling left out, a film is going to be made of the game, starring Thomas Jane. Actually, the movie has been on the mind of producer Edward R. Pressman for a long time - he acquired the rights to the game a full decade ago, and just recently found his director in advertising veteran Simon Hunter. Based on what impressed Pressman about Hunter's audition trailer for the gig, it sounds like the movie will feature a lot of Sin City-esque effects.

For those of us not familiar with Mutant Chronicles, it's about "a 23rd century soldier who leads humans in a fight against a demonic, marauding army of underworld NecroMutants." Or, in Pressman's terms, "It's Saving Private Ryan set in the future with monsters." And that was so his pitch when he was digging up financing for this thing.
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