manderlay.jpgThis is interesting. IFC Films is apparently planning a major promo blitz around Manderlay, the second chapter in Lars Von Trier's America The Beautiful trilogy. They've hooked up with Mammoth Advertising (just the name alone should be enough to signal that we're not in Dogville anymore), the team behind campaigns for Dig!, The Aristocrats, and other such indie crossovers, who in turn have brokered a deal to distribute the first ten minutes of the film on iTunes. Starting tomorrow, users will be able to download the clip to their video iPods. IFC president Jonathan Sehring spit out the following suit-speak: "The industry continues to adapt, from collapsing windows, to day-and-date initiatives, both of which we are aggressively establishing. Utilizing new technologies to cross promote and unveil product is a natural evolution, and we are thrilled to pioneer this with Apple."

Okay, great. But have you seenManderlay? If my calculations are correct, this clip will take the viewer through to the point where Ron Howard's daughter, pretending to be Nicole Kidman, locks herself up in the last slave-owning plantation in the South in order to teach slaves how to take charge of their own destinies. In short, it's not That's So Raven. But I think that if anyone is going to use the technology to sell a virtually unmarketable film, now's the time to do so – there's still a dearth of content available for the video iPod, so one imagines that the marginally curious user will download anything. And once it's on their device, and they're stuck in rush-hour traffic on a crosstown bus, IFC's got themselves a captive audience.
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