marchofthepenguins.jpgHere's some proof that sex isn't *always* a prerequisite to sales: Luc Jacquet, director of March of the Penguins  – which, incidentally, has now grossed more money in the United States than any other French film in history – says he refused to include imagery of penguin intercourse in his film for fear of ruining the love story at its core. It could just be a language-barrier thing, but I'm not sure I follow his argument. "For me that would be the difference between pornography and eroticism," he says. "If you reduced human stories to copulation, reproduction and raising children, you'd have had it. But we have had 1,000 years of love stories, and no two have been the same." Actually, when you break it down that way, it sounds pretty boring – copulation is one thing, and raising children is another, but how many films can you name that explore the causal relationship between the two without sacrificing on either end? I think I'd be grateful fo a film that followed hot sex through through a significant period of child rearing – whether we're talking about penguins, humans, or something in between.
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