Stephen GaghanAn extraordinarily in-depth, personal interview with Syriana writer/director Stephen Gaghan just went up at Ain't in Cool News. In it, Gaghan expresses himself with thoughtfulness and passion that's actually shocking when compared to most of the pat, cliche-laden exchanges that pass for interviews these days. He explains that, in many ways, Syriana came out of his own anger and confused about the state of the world after 9/11 - and what's interesting is that he's got no simple answers or easy targets (which perhaps explains the movie's incredibly broad scope). Additionally, Gaghan discusses what he sees as the extraordinary transition from the political thrillers of the 70s in which the "punch-line" was always "Ta-dah! It’s the oil companies and the military-industrial complex! Ta-dah!" to his perceived reality of today: "FADE IN: It’s the Oil Companies. Now what? The punchline’s gone."

Anyone interested in Gaghan, Syriana, or movie-making in general would be well-served by a visit to AICN today - if nothing else, the interview is a refreshing reminder of why people get into filmmaking in the first place. It's really not aways the money.