mcconaughey.jpgHow can you have a new "Sexiest Man Alive" every year, when the previous years' winners are still alive? That logic doesn't seem to bother the folks over at People Magazine, who recently named actor Matthew McConaughey this year's Sexiest Man. Matthew McConaughey?

Don't get me wrong, I find men with hot abs who play the bongos naked as attractive as the next person (and if you have to have a naked person hanging around your neighborhood, I suppose you could do a lot worse than Matthew McConaughey), but is this really who we want as the Sexiest Man Alive? At least they didn't pick Tom Cruise, but still -- I can think of at least seven men I would put ahead of McConaughey: Vince Vaughn, Jake Gyllenhaal, Clive Owen, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Colin Firth, Brad Pitt (I know, I know, his stock is down right now - but it's that jawline that does it for me). There. That took less than a minute

Who would you pick as Sexiest Man Alive? Do you agree with People? Or did they miss the mark?

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