• monique.jpgFox Searchlight has picked up the rights to writer/director Bobby Newmayer's Phat Girlz, which stars Mo'Nique as a "smart-mouthed aspiring fashion designer" and her struggles with love and weight. Steven Imes, Mo'Nique's brother/manager/co-producer of Girlz, says, "I think it represents a milestone in that someone was gutsy enough to tell the story of a fat woman and of what they go through in this country."
  • New Line and Walden Media are working on Journey 3-Da new adaptation of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. They're looking to Eric Brevig, a Special Achievement Academy Award winner for his effects work on Total Recall, to direct. The film will be shot in regular live-action, with certain elements and characters filmed in 3-D, courtesy of the massive-format cameras Walden routinely uses on James Cameron's underwater documentaries.
  • Attorney Generals from 32 states have signed their names to a letter begging studios to affix an anti-smoking label to the DVD release of any film in which smoking is depicted. The National Association of Atorney Generals has been trying to rid the screens of tobacco for a while now; they were behind an earlier lobbying effort to mandate an R-rating on any film clouded with serious smoke. But, as Brian Lowry puts it, "It does not appear that the group has the authority to enforce such action, so it must be content with requesting that Hollywood do so."
  • The Producers Guild of America will give special awards to Norman Lear, Clint Eastwood and Roger Corman at their annual ceremony on January 22.
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