Will FerrellThink of male figure skaters. Come on, do it. They're all tiny, skinny men, right? Now think of Will Ferrell in one of those soldier outfits that Brian Boitano used to wear. You're laughing, aren't you? I'm guessing this train of thought is pretty much all it took for Blades of Glory to be created. In it, Ferrell and Jon Heder could play "world-class men's figure skaters who are banned from the sport after [a] disgraceful brawl." (Clearly there's a lot of suspension of disbelief going on here - but  remember, we bought Ferrell as an elf!) After a few years in the murky outskirts of the figure skating circuit, the two, not surprisingly, come together and "exploit a loophole in the terms of their suspension, partnering to compete in the only category open to them - pairs figure skating." I admit it: just reading that makes me laugh.

At the moment, Ferrell and Heder are only in "serious talks" to star in the film - as are married funny people Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, who would play their rivals. I know it's too much to ask and all, but if Dreamworks fails to land this outrageously great potential cast, they just need to bin the movie. And then fire whoever leaked this info - like anyone else could possibly match the (potential) hilarity of these people pretending to ice skate. Come on!
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