oreilly.jpgNot to encourage the criticism that I'm running a shop full of lefty pinko commies, but enough people have emailed me this clip that I thought it was worth mentioning. It's no surprise that Fox News reportainer Bill O'Reilly is on the attack against Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, but, as someone who doesn't regularly expose myself to it (yup, I'm red as raw meat, boys), it's always a tad shocking when I do get a glimpse of this level of rhetoric. O'Reilly, who claims that director Greenwald "just to the right of Fidel Castro", can barely surpress an f-bomb in labelling him "a ridiculous human being." And the Commie-baiting just keeps coming up – which I find a little strange. I can understand that O'Reilly feels strongly about free market economics – I do, too, actually – but his "there are traitors among us!" shtick seems awfully dated. It's as though O'Reilly recently watched Good Night, and Good Luck and got really mad and decided to pick up where – FIFTY YEARS AGO – McCarthy left off.
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