Remember late last month, when we told you about Walden Media’s plans to film a new version of Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D? If not, remember earlier this week when we updated with some recent production news? Well,  Walden has presented a new take on the vaule of their film; they say it is part of the company’s ever present attempt to get kids to read. You know…books. They are like movies on paper, but without the pictures. The story focuses around a teenager and his super science dad who discover that Verne’s book contains clues to an actual underground world; Walden hopes kids will be encouraged to read the book to find the clues for themselves.


Is this a doomed to fail effort? Can movies entice people to actually pick up a book and read? I don’t know about you, but I know at least a handful of people who watched the Lord of the Rings movies and subsequently went out and bought the books. Can Journey do the same thing, with their not-so-subtle “clues in the book” deal? I don’t know…it seems a bit goofy to me. But hey, they get an “A” for the concept, anyway. If it were up to me, reading books would be a requirement for children who wanted to consume other sources of entertainment. Maybe for every book you read you get a card which allows you to see a movie or buy a videogame. Woo boy, don't you just envy my (future) children?

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