kingkong.jpgToday Universal is launching its biggest cross-promotional "in-theater concession program" ever. By the end of the day, over 6 million Coca-Cola cups and popcorn bags across 12 theater chains will display the face of King Kong.  Coke is just one of a myriad of brands that Universal is using the Big Fake Gorilla to conquer this holiday season; others include Volkswagen, Kellogg's, Toshiba, Chase, Nestle, Burger King and even New York City – soda drinkers will have the chance to take part in a "peel-and-reveal" sticker promotion with a trip to Manhattan as the grand prize. So, blah blah blah marketing – but here's the scary part: "When patrons walk into one of these theaters beginning with the holiday release of Harry Potter, they won't be able to go anywhere without seeing King Kong,"said Alan Sutton, Universal VP of Distribution and Marketing – right before throwing back his head and cackling in joy over his sinister plan to own your soul.
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