Mark CubanYesterday we wrote about Landmark Theaters' decision to eliminate its popular Discount Card, and you responded in the comments with lots of perspectives on discount cards and theater-going in general. Landmark must have been getting a lot of feedback on its Discount Card decision, because this morning Mark Cuban, Landmark's owner, responded in our comments with this:

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Post: Landmark Theaters axes discount cards
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   Comment: Consider it changed back
From: Bill Banowsky
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 11:44 PM
To: *0245 Seven Gables Theatre; *0209 Nuart Theatre; Angela Anable; @Landmark Theatre Users
Cc: Tearlach Hutcheson
Subject: RE: Loyalty Program Announcement


Please continue offering the Discount Coupons to our patrons until further notice.  Legitimate concerns have been raised about changes made to the discount ticket program and under no circumstances will we risk alienating our core audience.  We will communicate with you shortly a stronger plan to integrate the group ticket program in way that will enhance our current offerings.  Thank you for your valuable input.  It is greatly appreciated.

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