The Ice Storm
I'm not going out of town for Thanksgiving this year. My household isn't planning any big celebrations here in Austin, either. We may pick up tacos, or go to Hill's Cafe for turkey (as long as they don't seat us in the Rick Perry booth this time).

I figure we'll also see a movie or two over the holiday weekend, because the theaters should be fairly quiet on Thursday and even on Friday afternoon when everyone else is riveted to the Texas-A&M game. Besides, anyone who is at the movies will probably be seeing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and since my boyfriend refers to the entire franchise as "Harry Potter and the Magical Lump of Gravy," you can guess we're not seeing the film together.

Fortunately, Austin has some good non-Harry Potter film options this week, and even a few Thanksgiving-related movie events.

Thanksgiving-related screenings:
  • Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek is showing The Ice Storm on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The 1997 dysfunctional family film is set during Thanksgiving 1973, in the frozen Yankee tundra (okay, Connecticut). It may get as cold as 50 degrees here in Austin but this still seems like a good holiday film choice. Only problem is that the title is too close to The Ice Harvest so I thought the Alamo marquee was wrong when I saw it last night.
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