shatner.jpgQuick – off the top of your head – what's the ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia? Times up – and whatever you came up with, you were wrong. William Shatner is selling his kidney stone on eBay, and he promises that it's going to be – wait for it – "the ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia". This is my favorite part of the WENN story: "Shatner plans to give the proceeds of the sale to charity, but he has to cut through eBay red tape first - the website's rules are strict about the sale of body parts." Uh, as well they probably should be. Shatner passed the stone last month after a battle with "excruiciating pain" that he had wrongly assumed was back related. The 74-year-old probably doesn't need the money – after all, he's got a job – so what's in it for him? Does he really care about the fans *that* much? Or is he just a crazy old coot?

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