Some quick casting news for you X-Men fanatics.  Comic Book News is reporting on new rumors that suggest casting for two mutants new to the X-flicks; Emma Frost (the White Queen) and M of Generation X. According to CBN, The O.C.'s Ashley Hartman and model Mercedes Scelba-Shorte will be cast as Emma Frost (the White Queen) and M respectively. If you follow the link below, you can see pictures of the two the CBN has graciously provided.

I don’t really have much of a reaction to this news except for to say that as far as looks go, these two seem to reasonably fit the bill for their rumored parts. I really enjoyed Gen X, so I think it’s groovy to see M brought in, but man, does that mutant have some crazy back story to her that is no doubt going to be overlooked or painfully rewritten for the purposes of the movie. Wouldn’t it be crazy to see the twins or Emplate or Penance show up? Of course, that’s just wishful thinking…it’s an awfully convoluted Marvel soap opera story anyway. And to be honest, keeping track of who is who in that whole mess kinda makes my brain hurt.

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