JoBlo has the net’s first look at upcoming Jack Black flick Nacho Libre. The plot for this film may seem weak to you (a catholic orphanage slop cook who moonlights as a studio wrestler), but its Jack Black unleashed…so there is at least some potential. And as Mike of Joblo says, “I defy to look at this and not laugh.”


Cinema Blend presents a few new images (intermixed with some old ones) of the upcoming Silent Hillflick It looks…well, like a generic zombie flick. At least a few of the images suggest that the movie will echo the feel of the game pretty well, but at this point it has yet to present any evidence to sell itself as something more than a run of the mill zombie pseudo-thriller.

Okay, so everyone who went to see Goblet of Fire saw a trailer for the upcoming digianimated flick Hoodwinked, a new look at the story of Red Riding Hood. If you missed the movie, or were really impressed by the trailer and want to see it again, you can check it out at here Apple Trailers. 

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