Open HouseOpen House director Dan Mirvish (also known as the co-founder of Slamdance) has decided that the traditional marketing channels to promote the DVD release of his low-budget movie musical just aren't sufficient. He's announced a "One Week Anniversary Edition" of the DVD to be released next Tuesday, Nov. 22. To build the necessary buzz about the DVD, Mirvish is organizing a huge promotion in which a half-million signs advertising Open House will be stuck on street corners and yards all around the country. I've never been inspired to buy or rent a DVD by seeing a yard sign, myself, but perhaps others might be swayed.

Weirdly enough, the DVD release of this musical about real-estate agents is scheduled one day before the theatrical release of the big-budget musical Rent ... and both movies star Anthony Rapp. Wouldn't hyping that coincidental connection make for more effective publicity than competing with garage sale and tanning salon signs?

[via Matt Dentler's Blog]
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