Theo van GoghTheo van Gogh's Submission: Part I is an aggressively provocative examination of the abuse of women under Islam that runs only 10 minutes; van Gogh was murdered shortly after it aired on television. His writer and co-producer, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somalia-born member of the Dutch parliament and has been under constant guard since the murder to protect against frequent death threats. Nevertheless, Ali recently announced her intention to direct Part 2 of the planned series, based on a script that she and van Gogh wrote before his death.

Submission: Part 2
will examine the treatment of homosexuality under Islam, which is sure to antagonize extremists even further. Because the actors who appeared in Part 1 have faced death threats for their involvement in the project, action will be taken to protect those who appear in Part 2: the film will have no credit list, and the faces of the actors will all be obscured.

No word yet on when the project will begin, or where it will air.
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