Hollywood signAre you a big movie fan? I mean, like a HUGE movie fan? So much so that you feel you need to, say, own a bit of Hollywood? Well, if you've got $300,000, you can make the inaugural bid on the one and only Hollywood sign. Woo hoo!

A tipster just alerted us (we were sleeping and totally missed it) to the fact that the sign is currently up for sale on eBay by a gentleman who claims to have bought it in 2003. The man he bought it from is the one who bought it in 1978, when the original sign (which had deteriorated significantly) was brought down and replaced by the lovely, shiny one that's now in the hills. While the idea of owning the Hollywood sign seems at least vaguely cool, it becomes significantly less so when you when realize that it's stored in a warehouse somewhere in pieces, and that all the letters aren't even there. (Though, really, what would you do with all the letters if you had them? Rent out your local football stadium and spread them out on the field? Then what?)

The lucky, very wealthy bidder will win both the sign and the website from which the current owner sells framed bits of it, so I suppose it's a business opportunity more than anything else. Six days left, no bids so far - maybe you can sneak in at the end and get it cheap!
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