Robert BlakeThough he was found not guilty in a criminal trial of murdering his wife, a civil jury recently decided that In Cold Blood and Baretta star Robert Blake had "intentionally caused the death" of Bonnie Lee Bakley, and ordered him to pay $30 million to her four kids. Isn't the justice system weird? This is exactly the same scenario that played out in the O.J. Simpson case - Simpson was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend, but a civil jury still decided that he needed to pay over $30 million in damages to the families of the pair. Another similarity between the two cases is that both men are broke, and will most likely never pay more than a tiny fraction of the ordered restitution.

Some feel that these cases only went ahead because their subjects were famous, and that the suits never would have be pursued against normal citizens. Whatever the case, Blake's money trouble (he already owes the IRS) just got a whole lot worse.
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