A week or so ago, whilst discussing possible candidates for a year-end, Cinematical-wide Ten Best Films list with a couple of the bloggers, I realised that, despite the absolute power I weild as editor, I'd have a tough time getting a few of my picks into the top ten, for the sheer fact that I was the only one on staff that had seen any of them. The only solution was to create a seperate list. What follows are seven films which, though they've made the festival rounds or have wrangled some kind of microdistribution, have yet to break through to the top level. In short, these are seven great films that I've seen, and that you probably haven't.

7. I Am a Sex Addict

In the latest in his ever-growing line of personal docu-narratives, San Francisco-based filmmaker Caveh Zahedi plays himself – the titular sex addict who comes to admit that his personal fantasy world, through which he justifies everything from sex with whores to the taking of hallucinogenic drugs at in appropriate times, has become his ultimate undoing. After taking us through twenty years of highly quixotic relationships (and that's sort of putting it mildly), at the end of the film, Caveh walks down the aisle with wife number three. How can a man whose entire life has thus far been defined by spectacular romantic failure suddenly about-face for a happily-ever-after? Not so fast: the film closes on what is probably real footage of the wedding, and after kissing the bride, Caveh walks past the camera with a familiar look of terror in his eyes.