Mel GibsonThere's a guy in Utah named Ray Lines who thinks Hollywood movies are full of bad stuff - sex, violence, swearing (including "the H-word"). That sort of thing. But instead of whining like everyone else, he does something about it: he takes out the "bad" parts, and then rents the movies out, Netflix style.

One of the movies he felt had violence that was a bit too graphic was The Passion of the Christ, so he took out about three minutes of footage and made the "fixed" version available on CleanFlicks, his rental website. Mr. Lines, meet Mel Gibson. He's pissed off that you made changes to his film, is suing, and plans to put you out of business. Oops. [And yes, the irony that The Passion of the Christ is the film that might finally bring this guy down is almost overwhelming. I know.]
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