Some trailers and stills for upcoming geek releases...

  1. X3’s official teaser website has been launched for the upcoming comic book film. It’s only a teaser site, there’s not much else to it; but it’s definitely worth the look if you’re even moderately into the new film. It clearly focuses on AlkaliLake where Jean Grey seemingly died at the end of X2.
  2. King Kong- another tremendously hyped geek film (I lump it into the geek genre because it’s definitely sci-fi fantasy material, although the geek label may not be quite accurate for this one). The TV trailers for the giant monkey movie can now be seen online courtesy of The Movie Box.
  3. Marvel has unveiled the third movie poster for their upcoming direct-to-DVD animated film Ultimate Avengers. It looks pretty sweet, for what it is.
  4. Latino Review has a few production shots of Jack Black’s upcoming Nacho Libre. You can see them here beneath their exclusive interview. While you are there, you oughta check out said interview; it’s short and satisfying. Black is always an entertainer.
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