M. Night ShymalanThe teaser trailer for M. Night Shymalan's latest film, Lady in the Water, has just hit the net. And although it's never happened to me while watching a trailer (or teaser for that matter) - I just about fell asleep. The writer/director who made his name through eerie films with big (and often) crappy surprise endings labels this one as a bedtime story. Hmm, at least he's warning us first that the film will knock us out (in the sleepy sense) before coercing our hard-earned cash out of the wallet. The story, which was originally created for his children, revolves around an apartment building manager (Paul Giamatti) who rescues a mysterious woman and learns she's a Narf (not Narc); a character from a bedtime story. That's when the building's tenants get involved and somehow become characters of the bedtime story as well. Oh, and there's some deadly creatures that need to be stopped from providing another unsatisfying (they don't exist!) ending. Lady in the Water is Shymalan's first film away from Disney, with whom he left over "creative differences." Warner Brothers then rolled the dice and picked it up. Apparently the teaser played before Harry Potter over the weekend, so I'm sure there's a ton of you who can chime in with thoughts.

[via Coming Soon]

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