You know the superhero craze is really taking off when Lifetime gets in on the action. That’s right, everybody’s favorite drama channel is launching the (obviously made for TV) movie Mind Over Murder, premiering on the 21st. In the stunningly well-crafted plot, a top special prosecutor (played by Tori Spelling) wakes up from an accident to discover she has…wait for it…telepathic powers! And she uses them to solve crimes! This new ability not only makes her an even more amazing prosecutor, it makes her the target of a hit man working for a high powered senator. Lifetime tells us: "Drama, mind-reading and Tori Spelling — don't you dare miss it!"

Who wants to guess what she’s prosecuting the senator for? Given the nature of Lifetime, I’ll bet he did one of the following:

  1. Nailed/raped a prostitute, and killed her to cover it up.
  2. Nailed/raped a secretary, and killed her to cover it up.
  3. Nailed/raped an intern, and killed her to cover it up.
  4. Abuses his wife/girlfriend/children/all three of the aforementioned.
  5. Any combination of the above.


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