While promoting her latest flick Memoirs of a Geisha, actress Michelle Yeoh has started discussing her next project, Astronaut, with director Danny Boyle. Yeoh tells Sci-Fi Wire that she is excited for the new film, largely because of the unique style and vision Boyle brings to his movies. Astronaut will tell the story of 8 futuristic (to the tune of 50 years) astronauts who embark on a desperate gamble to reignite the dying sun. While the plot of a group of astronauts launching into space may not be groundbreaking, Yeoh assures us that Boyle’s take on it will be distinctive and edgy.


You know, I think I’m looking forward to this flick. Maybe it’s just something about my geeky nature, but I tend to enjoy man vs. outer space films. I don’t know that I’m confident enough to predict it turning into a popular (or even good) film- too many sci-fi films fall into the trap of being clichéd and tired; but I can at least be hopeful for now.

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