Michael MannThe seemingly-daily chaos on the set of Michael Mann's Miami Vice has been well documented here and elsewhere - and it's apparently never going to end. According to Radar, crew members are jumping ship in droves. Or, as they put it, "Adding to the near-biblical woes that have beset Michael Mann’s film adaptation of Miami Vice comes a new chapter: Exodus." Damn.

According to sources, 120 crew members have left since since filming began about six months ago. Most of them, though their official reasons for departure are usually "sick relatives" or "illness," have been chased off by Mann's "famously obsessive demands, ceaseless revisions, and 24/7 schedule." Apparently at this point, people are departing on an almost daily basis - and, needless to say, almost the entire crew has been replaced since June.

I'm not sure how to react to this news. Clearly, Mann is more than a little crazy intense. But the dude also makes truly greatmovies, and maybe this is the only way he knows how to run a set. Clearly, it works. If he tones things down, will the quality of the work suffer? Or will it get better because cast and crew are, you know, sleeping and therefore can actually function?
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