A whole mess of new information regarding the upcoming Superman flick have hit the net, courtesy of Super Hero Hype. Among the most interesting of the details are:

  • Director Bryan Singer says the movie will have a good amount of romance and humor, but he is trying to steer it away from the “goofy” feel of earlier Flicks of Steel.
  • Persistent rumors regarding a contractual obligation for a Superman-Batman crossover flick are categorically untrue.
  • There are roughly 1,400 effects shots to be completed to the movie- and although obviously an expensive movie the budget has been exaggerated a bit on the net, and is still under 200 million.
  • Superman being able to breathe in space (and underwater) is addressed in the movie. Director Bryan says he is "too logical" in his thinking to let these things fall under the suspension of disbelief category.
  • A huge amount of time and effort went into fighting gravity so there wouldn't be any "droop-age" when Superman flies, including clever camera maneuvers and several green covered men puppeteering the cape at any given time.

 These are just some of the details that jumped out at me; if you wish to read the whole list of information, you can find it here.  Some of it is just confirmation or denial of old rumors, some of it is not particularly exciting, but most of it is worth the knowing for fans excited about the upcoming film.


[via Superhero Hype]

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