Rush HourI probably shouldn't admit this, but I love the Rush Hour movies. Yes, they're fundamentally pretty stupid - but there's a lightness and weird warmth to the humor that makes them incredibly entertaining to muggles like myself. (Of course, I also really dig Weekend at Bernie's, so dumb has never been a problem for me.)

Given the box office success of the first two in the series, I'm probably not alone in being excited that Rush Hour 3 is actually being made - and with the original team. Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, and Brett Ratner are all on board. New Line has thrown around some pretty big money to make the deal, including $20 million for Tucker, $15 million for Chan, and $5 million for Ratner. While numbers that big inevitably sound sort of risky, as Harry of AICN points out in the link below, profits are almost guaranteed (I'll let him tell you why).

Shooting won't start until next year, and release is tentatively slated for the summer of 2007.
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