I know I’ve spent too much time recently telling you about made-for-TV movies, but some of these suckers are just too good to let go. It’s not like they make for major motion picture news, but man, they can sure make for some good chuckles. Today’s amusing news again comes out of the Sci-Fi Channel, and their upcoming “world premiere” (Nov. 26th) of fantasy war thriller Manticore. In this wacky story, an Iraqi of Persian descent manages to unleash an “ancient weapon of mass destruction” on American troops. The weapon? You guessed it – a half lion half dragon!

Geek confession time: I enjoy crappy B movie sci-fi/fantasy flicks. On a very platonic level, mind you. They are the sort of movie you’d take out for a one night good time thrill, but not the sort you really want to settle down with – or even really be seen with. I just think they are a bit of mindless fun, really. Would I call them good movies, or recommend them to normal movie goers? No, probably not. But do I enjoy some of them? Yeah, it’s true, I do. I’m not saying that this will be one of those guilty B movie pleasures, but who knows.