libertine.jpgI was shocked by how many people expressed concern over The Weinstein Company's release plans for The Libertine, although I suppose I shouldn't have been - it's probably dangerous to underestimate the star power of Johnny Depp. At any rate, the comments on this post compelled me to send an email to The Weinstein Company to confirm that the initial information I had been given about the film's release was still correct. I was told that yes, the film is being released in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, and yes, its initial run will only last a week. Right now the plan is to return to theaters nationwide on January 13 but – and I know many of you were worried about this very thing – as the film is unrated, there's a good chance that those of you who only have access to middle-American multiplexes will never get to see it.

I'm only the messenger ... but toss your angst in the comments, anyway.
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