Crystal Sky has announced that its planned production of Marvel’s horror comic Werewolf by Night(note that the IMDB on this flick is a bit outdated) is now moving forward, and filming may begin as early as next year. They also promise announcements about casting and directorial decisions in the near future. The story is that of Jack Russell (ha-ha), who turns into a werewolf thanks to a cursed book read by his father. In the movie adaptation, he will be chased by a deadly (yet beautiful) assassin/bounty hunter.

I’ve never read this particular Marvel story, so I’ve really got no background on it. However, vampire movies seem to be a dime a dozen, so this one is going to need to work a bit to rise above the mediocre masses; and I don’t know if this story has the chutzpa to pull such a rise off. Anyone out there with knowledge of the Marvel title who wishes to share an informed opinion with us?

Via [Comic Book Movie]

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