aeon fluxChristmas just came early for Aeon Flux fans. Aeon Flux: The Complete Animated Collection was released today, so if you just can't wait for the Charlize Theron movie Devcember 2, you can get your Flux fix while you wait. The series started as a series of shorts on MTV's Liquid Television, which always ended with Aeon Flux being killed. The later shorts, when she had her own series, were different. Both are included in the DVD set.

The three-disk set runs 221 minutes and includes two "featurettes" titled Investigation: The History of Aeon Flux and  The Deviant Devices of Aeon Flux, as well as production art and other goodies, the Liquid TV shorts, and the other shorts. Amazon lists plot keywords including: buxom, cleavage, breasts, espionage, secret agent, femme fatale, busty heroine and belly button. Hey, with keywords like that, what's not to like?

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