The casting call has gone out for the WB’s upcoming TV “movie” (read: pilot episode for a new series) Aquaman. The executive producers will be successful Smallville producers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. A whole host of other production members has also been announced and can be viewed here, thanks to Comic Book Movie. The story will be a “retelling” of the famous character’s story; which frankly is probably the best approach, as the television series is likely to be quite stylistically different from the old Aquaman comics. The casting call also outlines the primary cast members:


  1. Rachel Starling- The Love Interest. Apparently a beautiful navy Top Gun with a dead father and a strained relationship with her mother. She’s got a boy, but she finds our man Arthur to be quite appealing.
  2. Jesse Hicks- The Rival. A Top Gun Texan hotshot, who is secretly engaged to Rachel as of a few weeks before the series timeline picks up.
  3. Eva Torres- The Best Friend. A “fiery Cuban beauty” that comes from a trouble past and manages a local food shop. She and Arthur share some sort of special soul connection.
  4. McCaffery- The Mentor. An elderly looking gentleman who turns out to be from Atlantis. He watches out for Arthur and eventually teaches him the secret lore of the seas.
  5. Tom Curry- The Father. Tom married Arthur’s mom and adopted him as an infant. He knows of McCaffery’s roots, but has promised not to tell Arthur.


Obviously, Arthur Curry will also be a primary character. If you want to learn more about how his character is beginning to shape up, you can check it out here, along with some other tidbits of information. It’s good stuff, if you’re excited about this series.



I seriously can’t believe that since signing on with Cinematical a month ago I’ve written so many times about Aquaman. This has to be at least the third time I’ve written about him in three weeks; and frankly, that’s three times too many as far as I’m concerned. Okay, okay…I’m being a bit hyperbolic. I’ll admit that Aquaman might not be the most terrible superhero of all time, and that in some comic book incarnations he’s even come across as pretty hardcore…but c’mon. How does this guy make it to the top of the superhero list? I will say, though, that I think he’s got more potential as an television series than as a major motion picture, mostly because a series will allow the story to focus on character development and interaction instead of a needed rush for action and flashy effects. And honestly…I think I’m starting to be just a tiny bit interested in seeing this pilot. Holy fishes, this turned out to be one seriously long post about a guy who talks to fish.

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