George ClooneyDid anyone see Letterman last night? Clooney says he's going to fry a turkey for Thanksgiving this Thursday. I can picture that, actually. I don't know why, maybe because he's a traditional guy but with a wacky, irreverent side. Letterman warned him about getting hurt by the hot oil and seemed really interested in how exactly Clooney was going to cook it and pick it up and if it would be done enough. Clooney actually gave a good if quick instruction on how to fry a turkey. 

Here are some other ways that certain celebs will be cooking their Thanksgiving dinner this year.

  • Tara Reid: turkey in a Johnnie Walker Red and Budweiser brine.
  • George Lucas: he'll have to order out, because he never seems to be happy with the way he cooks his turkey. Always tweaking and adding new things every year.
  • Brad Pitt: He'll be eating turkey off of Angelina Jolie's washboard abs. ALLEGEDLY.
  • Kate Moss: just kidding! She'll be having a piece of Nicotine gum. 
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