Bruce WillisI refuse to call this film by its true title, Die Hard 4.0, because it reminds me of some annoying computer update that you just keep ignoring and delaying until finally that horrible virus (rumored to exist overseas in some foreign make-believe land) crashes your system and forces you to ban Bruce Willis from your DVD shelf forever. Now, more details are starting to spill out about the new film and it appears as if Luc Besson, who directed Willis in The Fifth Element, may be climbing aboard the project. Moviehole reports that Besson has the script and Willis would like to work with him again. I actually enjoyed The Fifth Element very much, so Besson taking on this project would definitely be a step in the right direction. However, this whole cyber-terrorist concept (which still seems to be the one they're going with) is not sitting well with the folks from Fox who have read the script; apparently the bad guys (and girls) kind of smell like bad reviews. Right now, team 4.0 is still brainstorming the New Orleans section of the script, due to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina. Hmm, I guess that whole rumored "flooded New Orleans" scene may indeed be true, and still causing massive issues with the story. Man, they really should have stopped this roller coaster franchise after part 3. Anyone else think this sequel is a huge mistake?
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